SUPPLEMENTS BOOK is one name in the market that can be relied upon for authentic information. The website is focused on providing information on a variety of health products through reviews, product descriptions, and more. The information thus provided on the web pages of the website is extracted from various reliable sources. However, it is important to note here that the information or the content of the website is not copied from any source or web pages. All authentic and original content is published on the web pages. The information, likewise, is authentic and based on facts and researches carried out from time to time.

The information of each product listed on the website is taken from the respective manufacturer to ensure that no misleading information is provided to the online visitors. However, in case of any discrepancy the company is not and will not be responsible. All the logos, images, details, copyrights have been used on the website after seeking permission from the concerned bodies.

How Do We Collect Information?

The information contained on the web pages of our website is gathered from reliable sources. It is important to note here that the information is only for general use and no information or content displayed on the website should be used as a Bible. The information of every product is tailored to introduce online users to the health supplements that may prove beneficial for them. In the case, any user wishes to make a purchase of a product after reading the reviews displayed on the website and no beneficial effects are experienced the company will not be responsible.

The content of the information is unique in nature which means nothing has been copied from any website. But, it doesn’t mean that the content can be used as guidance or medical suggestions. In case a user wishes to buy certain health supplements he/she should seek expert advice from medical professionals. Not all can have the same health benefit from one single product; therefore it is advisable for the users to stay vigilant in making any such purchase online.

As stated before our focus is to provide reliable and authentic information to the users. We have products listed on the website that are manufactured across the globe. In most cases, the manufacturer of the products provides detailed information about the product. In certain cases, information regarding products is extracted from years of research. SUPPLEMENTS BOOK takes no warranty in terms of the specification of any product listed on its site. The manufacturers can change or modify the formulation of the product as per the requirement. The changes are not necessarily to be included on our website. In the case of any change in the formulation or availability of the product, the company is not responsible for informing about the same on its website. The users are advised to keep a tab on any change and get in touch with concerned bodies in the case of any further clarifications.