Privacy Policy

The internet may sound like a virtual world to many. But as well-treed to look for something that may be important for us we might end up getting trapped with lots of information about us left behind. Every time, a person logs on to the internet he/she leaves behind a trail of information that is picked by the internet and used to promote products and steal information. SUPPLEMENTS BOOK is one company that provides information about health supplements while keeping the privacy of its users intact. There are various ways by which the information of each user is stored securely.

Privacy is important not only for our users but also for us. Therefore, to ensure that we stay safe in the virtual world of the internet SUPPLEMENTS BOOK has placed in a sound privacy policy that is applicable not only for its users but also for the betterment of the company. The privacy policy of the company is subject to change of which a notification may be sent through email to each registered user of the website. However, it is also the responsibility of the users to keep a tab on the privacy page as it may change from time to time.

What do we collect?

Going through the website, one may worry about privacy as there are certain products listed on the websites that are meant to be of personal use. Going through the WebPages of our website you can safely scroll through each product without worrying a second about your privacy. We do collect information that is primarily regarding the interest of each user. Our focus is to provide the best product and services to our visitors. Therefore, certain online tools have been deployed that help us keep a tab on what is being viewed by the users and for how many times. A popular product is definitely to be in demand and we ensure that the availability of the product stays intact to better serve the customers.

The information of interest thus collected from our website is also used to suggest certain other websites that may be of interest to the users as well. As stated before, the focus is to provide the best service in the industry.


Almost all websites active today use cookies to collect information. SUPPLEMENTS BOOK also uses cookies which can be disabled and enables if the user doesn’t want the provide information to the website. Cookies are not only to collect information of the users but also to us regarding the activity of every page that we have on our website. Once the information has been stored with us it can be modified to the demand of the user. The modification can be done by sending us an email and our professional will do all to serve the purpose.

Cookies help us know which web pages are attracting most of the traffic and which web page might need to be refurbished to keep it active. In short, cookies help us stay active and competitive in the market.